Power Up Just About Anywhere

Convenience comes first. With that in mind, Zero has designed a wide variety of charging options to meet the needs of a diverse range of riders. Every Zero motorcycle can be charged at a standard 110/220 V outlet. Plugging in is easy, whether it’s with a typical household outlet or topping up at the local charge station using the new Charge Tank accessory.

How long does it take to charge an electric motorcycle? That depends on the power pack (battery) capacity, state of charge (remaining power) and charging method (standard, Level 2, quick chargers). Typical charge times can range anywhere from a couple hours to overnight. See the “specs” section of any motorcycle model on this website for detailed information on estimated charge times.

Standard (Level 1)

Every Outlet a “Fueling” Station

Wouldn’t it be nice to never stop at a gas station? Using a Zero, standard outlets are transformed into “fueling” stations. Every motorcycle has a built-in charger that is designed to let you plug in pretty much anywhere. Unsurprisingly, this is the most popular type of charging for Zero riders. They treat the motorcycle like a smartphone: plug it in at night, and use it during the day. Convenient. Quick to plug in. Quick to unplug.

Quick Chargers

Even More Charging Power

For home or office use, Zero’s scalable “Quick Charger” system can dramatically reduce charging times on all models. The system uses stand-alone (off-board) 1kW chargers that work in conjunction with the motorcycle’s standard (on-board) charger.

Note: each charger typically needs to be plugged into a separate circuit.